Complete Light Spectrum Technology Build to Achieve a Perfect Pitch

Redefining Perfect in Perfect Pitch Management

Rhenac Sports CLS technology is the only lighting technology that is capable of delivering the Complete Light Spectrum (CLS). This spectrum ranges from ultraviolet to infrared light. Different wavelengths have different functions. This can only be utilized when using CLS technology.

The European COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2015/1428 has paved the way for the phase-out of inefficient lighting technologies such as High Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS), and states that these old technologies are to be replaced by new, more sustainable lighting technologies CLS.

Switch to a more efficient and sustainable grass grow light technology.


Comparing growth under HPS and CLS;

HPS typically generates thinner sward due to leaf lengthening rather than creating stronger roots and shoots,

CLS shows strong and healthy roots and shoots, that automatically result in better leaf tissue, denser sward and better visual performance.

The Complete Light Spectrum CLS technology is the perfect lighting technology for efficient, high-quality grass growth. CLS not only uses less energy than traditional HPS (up to 40%-50% less than a 1000W HPS unit), but thanks to the Complete Light Spectrum (CLS) technology as developed by Rhenac Sports LED, the turf receives a broad range of wavelengths, so the grass gets the exact spectrum it needs; for ideal germination, root zone development and growth in length.

The CLS technology allows to digitalize grass grow technology whereas HPS is stuck in its analogue era.


  • General plant health
  • Density of the sward
  • Root development
  • Shear strength of the playing surface
  • Less susceptible for diseases

Redefining Perfect In Perfect Pitch Management at Veltins Arena

The system is equipped with various sensors that record the condition of the turf and environmental influences and make them available for evaluation in a digital logbook. The sensors record all parameters that are important for lawn growth, such as heat requirements, nutrient saturation, soil moisture and temperature, and the ambient climate. The evaluated data shows the user which stress factors should be reduced.

After evaluating this data, the CLS control system can provide the grass with individual light spectra, appropriate light intensity and infrared heat, automatically or according to the greenkeeper's specifications. Lawn development can be controlled specifically and zone-wise, as there are various care programmes for length growth, leaf branching, root optimisation, lawn drying, prevention of fungal diseases and others. The programmes are constantly being expanded in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich. Boost functions for faster regeneration or anti-stress programmes round off the functions.

The R-BL 1,750 consists of a steel main beam with a span of more than 80 metres, which can be moved along the lawn on rails at a speed of more than 12 m/min. Twelve folding B-beams and six continuously adjustable C-beams, equipped with approximately 1,400 LED lighting modules and a total of more than 100,000 Osram LED luminaires, can illuminate a total of 1,750 m² simultaneously. The entire installation can also be infinitely lifted from its lowest operating position of 1.50 m to a maximum of 4.65 m, allowing buses to pass underneath. Two 2-section R-BL-1,750 plants were built for the entire field, which can regenerate a total of 3,500 m² of turf simultaneously.

The R-BL can create the conditions for the regeneration and growth of sports turf 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The system is modular and can be adapted to the customer's wishes. The R-BL not only optimises the care of the turf, but also reduces operating costs by using energy-efficient LED lights in comparison to conventional lighting systems. Embedded in the stadium's building management system, it can also help optimise the use of heating and cooling systems around turf maintenance.

Recreational Systems International
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